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Someone who has a disability may require lifelong financial assistance. A special needs or supplemental trust is an arrangement that provides funds for a disabled person without preventing them from receiving government benefits. Many disabled people are unable to hold a long term job that offers health insurance benefits, so it is crucial that they get coverage under Medicaid. If the parents of a disabled child leave them a regular inheritance, it can disqualify them from receiving Medicaid. Instead, they should consult with special needs trust attorney, Richard P. Busse. Richard can help families set up and customize special needs trusts for their disabled children. He also helps trustees understand their responsibilities involving special needs trust administration. Speak with an experienced and compassionate special needs lawyer near me: call (219) 531-1723 or fill out our online contact form today in order to schedule an appointment near Portage, IN.

  • Because long term employment is a challenge or impossibility for people with serious disabilities, it is important for them to take advantage of SSI, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Legal Aid, and other government benefits. The government reserves these benefits for low-income individuals.
  • Assets like homes, vehicles, and personal belongings do not affect a disabled person’s eligibility for government programs. However, the government counts certain assets–like cash in a bank account–as resources that may disqualify a person from benefits.
  • By putting funds into a trust rather than gifting cash directly to the disabled person, you can avoid this conflict. The trust is not counted as a resource because it is not owned or controlled by them. It is controlled by the trustee, who is named by the parents or guardians when they create the trust.

Special Needs Trust Administration

Special needs trust administration is the duty of the trustee. For a special needs trust to serve its purpose, the trustee has to make distributions in a way that doesn’t impact the beneficiary’s public benefits eligibility. So, the trustee needs to be aware of the various rules that pertain to programs like SSI and Medicaid. These rules are complicated and they change frequently. Other government programs that disabled people often utilize include Section 8 Housing, In-Home Support Services, Group Homes, and more.

Your family can work with a special needs trust attorney to determine which programs are important to your disabled loved one and how you can administer distributions in a way that preserves eligibility for those programs. Trustees should have a complete understanding of the beneficiary’s disability and their requirements regarding finances, medical care, and other forms of support. Learn more about the duties included in special needs trust administration: call (219) 531-1723.


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Richard P. Busse is an effective special needs trust attorney with over 20 years of experience in the legal industry. Richard has developed a reputation in the Portage, IN area for fast responses, dedicated attention, reliable one-on-one advice, and reasonable pricing. Call today to speak with an experienced attorney.


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You don’t necessarily need a special needs trust attorney in order to draft the document. However, a special needs trust doesn’t help a disabled person maintain benefits eligibility if the trustee doesn’t understand the complex rules surrounding the public programs in question. This is where the guidance of an experienced professional comes in handy. Richard P. Busse Attorney at Law is a knowledgable and compassionate lawyer. He can assist you in drafting and executing a special needs trust. If you are searching for a “special needs lawyer near me” in the Portage, IN area, contact Richard P. Busse today.

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